New Story and travel

by chuckk on August 4, 2011

Sent off a completed Novella yesterday, now we wait to hear from the publisher…tick, tock.  Is tock a word? Amazing how insecure we are about our writing. I suppose someday one gains more confidence in his work. We wait…

Off to Honolulu to visit good friends who sailed there from Mexico last year. It will be my first ‘real’ visit (stopped there to refuel on the way to and from the orient courtesy of Uncle Sam , didn’t see a thing, but at least I was armed!) The pleasure of being there in moderate summer temperatures after a summer in Mexico( 98degrees, 72%h today)  alone makes the trip worthwhile! I  hope to purchase a ‘notebook’ to allow me to keep my blog up to date. I have been traveling so much, my posting is practically non-existent. My many fans (2 that I know of.) have been more than patient with me over this difficult last year. I lift a glass of Silver Patrone to you both and to any lurkers who remain anonymous.

Tomorrow we take the boat to the faraway land of Miramar to go fishing and snorkeling, perchance to catch as well as fish.The hope is that I will clear my head of the last Novella enough to return to the long suffering novel hidden somewhere in my computer. I will stay in touch.

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