by chuckk on December 29, 2010

Hello everyone. On a beautiful afternoon in Zihuatanejo, Mexico we scattered the ashes of my best friend Doug, into the calm waters of the bay. Watching were his wife, a few close friends, and several curious dolphins. Mixed with the ashes were flower petals from local shops and of course many tears. He continues his journey to Mother Earth and the four winds

This particular day was chosen because it is a day of pleasant memories for Doug and his lovely wife Denise. This is the week of celebrations dedicated to The Virgin of Guadalupe. When Doug and Denise first came to Zihuatanejo they witnessed this same celebration and were deeply moved by the sincerity and devotion shown by the participants, not to mention the countless bands, parades, and late night revelry that accompany this sacred holiday. Every one of Doug’s friends agreed that this was a fitting day to return Doug to mother earth.

I shall miss my friend and confidant, and personally feel this world is lessened by his passing. We must consider ourselves lucky to have had the opportunity to know such a good man. Until the time we join you, we bid you farewell brother.

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