by chuckk on November 1, 2010

I will attempt to write an account of our bus journey from Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico to Zihuatanejo, Guerreo, Mexico. I do not have a Blackberry or any such device so must rely upon internet cafes for communication. This is unreliable at best and will require hurried bursts of copy written under less than ideal conditions. Basically what I am saying is; no time for edits and proof reading….consider this as a warning!

Because of the delay at Guadalajara our bus didn’t leave until 10:30PM. I drank a couple of beers at the bus station to better use the time which put me in a better frame of mind for the trip. One of the funny (as in ha-ha) things about Mexican bus drivers is that they never eat at the bus stations. This is all well and good except that in lieu of taking their meal during down-time at the station, most often the first order of business after they get back on the road is to stop at their favorite local restaurant (or stand). The significance to the paying customer is simple; after waiting who knows how long for the bus to leave, you are on the road for only ten or fifteen minutes before you stop again so the driver can get his to go order for food. This un-scheduled stop can last up to another fifteen minutes.
I know, I know you say what’s the difference, you are retired….what’s the hurry. I try to tell myself the same thing every time it happens, but alas, I guess it must be the American mind set, or perhaps my German/ English heritage that makes me crazy over inefficiency. Speaking of efficiency or the lack thereof; did you know that in most of the luxury buses there is a little compartment underneath the bus in front of the baggage section but behind the cockpit where the driver sits, that is a sleeping compartment for the relief driver. No kidding, he crawls in there to sleep, kick-back, whatever while the bus zips down the road, only to spring out at the designated station, clean shirt in hand to take over the driving duties. The other driver takes his place in the little hideout to catch some zzzzss until it’s his turn at the wheel. I love this stuff. I can’t imagine that happening in the US, probably some union thing would prevent such a wonderful idea.
As you have no doubt deduced by now I have nothing to say about the trip from Guadalajara to Zihuatanejo. It was dark and I slept most of the way. I faintly recall a couple of stops along the way, but never bothered to de-bus to check them out.
I do know that shortly after sunrise we pulled into Zihuatanejo, claimed our backpacks and made for a hot breakfast at a nearby restaurant. After a decent breakfast consisting of omelets, beans, tortillas, and juice, we called our good friends (whom I spoke of in an earlier post) who picked us up and whisked us off to our room by the sea.
I will post some interesting (I promise) items about the return trip soon. Cheers!

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