by chuckk on November 8, 2010

Our visit to Zihuatanejo over, we bid our dear friends goodbye and climb aboard our bus. The bus leaves on time at 12:30PM. Since we traveled this section at night on the way down we missed whatever sights might be worth while. I am anxious to see the countryside in this the tropical portion of our trip. We head up the coast to Lazaro Cardenas our first stop. The Pacific Ocean is to our left,I watch the big rollers crashing to the shore and long to be on the beach. We wave farewell to the Pacific and look to the lush overgrowth to our right.Huge broad -leafed trees and many plants that alas I am unable to name, but are beautiful none the less. Soon we begin climbing from sea level into the mountains. The road is good here, some two lane, some four and well maintained. I can determine some of the names of the small villages but most remain anonymous because I am unable to spot a road sign or name above some little shop. The larger towns I know; Uruapan, and Patzcuaro. I am struck by an interesting sight on the outskirts of one town; a sculpture of a huge guitar. My guess from a speeding bus is the statue is over thirty feet tall! The name of the town; Paracho or more formal; Paracho de Verduzco . This is what the Mexicans call “The Guitar Capital of the World”. It is certainly the guitar capital of Mexico. The home of many famous guitar manufacturers, I am told by friends who should know, that the best instruments are made here and are known throughout the world. I will put this city on “must visit” list for the future.Another example of the gems to be found scattered throughout the mountains of Mexico.
Our highway winds through the mountains, to the rolling green hills around the beautiful lake country by lake Chapala a popular area for foreign settlements where many Americans and Canadians live year around.
In what seems like a very short time we are in the suburbs of Guadalajara, the journey made short by the magnificent scenery. From here we travel on paths we have passed before. Soon darkness will fall, we will watch more movies(probably the same ones we watched on the way down!) or read. Hopefully sleep will come at some welcomed point. My back is killing me, at this point all I can think about is my king-sized select comfort bed …waiting for me…calling me. We should make Guaymas by tomorrow afternoon.Unless something mind-blowing happens along the way I will now sign off on this adventure, the demands of traveling have caught up to me and I am deep down tired. Happy trails to all of you.

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